Sketchup Automation Tools

Sketchup Automation Tools 1.0

A toolbar launcher for mouse device and stylus pen

Sketchup Automation Tools a Windows Toolbar Launcher for Mouse Device and Stylus Pen, We did Created it Special for Sketchup Pro Software. This Launcher Works on Windows System, How does it works, You can Click with your Middle Mouse Button and then Look Around the Objects the Launcher Will then Automatic Follow the Mouse Pointer this way you have always your favorite Toolbar Buttons near to your Work Area.

with this Launcher you do Not need to use the Menubars from Sketchup Pro Software,
You are Able to do in one Mouse Button Click, (Hide/Show any Selections) or (Flip any Selection Green/Red.Blue Axis) or (Invert any Selection) or (Intersect 2 Models) or (Use Sandbox Tools) or (Use Solid Tools) or
(Export it to 2D File) or (Export it to 3D File) or (Create New Page) or (Delete Any Selection)
and many more.

What can you Create in Sketchup Pro Software?

In Sketchup Pro Software you are able to Create 3D Graphics, Architect Buildings, Interior Designs,Garden Designs, Construction Designs, Engineer Products, Create Graphical Manuals for how to Assembly Products. CNC Designs, 3D Printer Designs, 3d Graphics for Websites, Sculpting Faces,Auto-cad Designs,Scene Animations,and more.

For who is Sketchup Pro Software Maked for?
Product Engineers
Graphic Designers
Creative Designers
Film Makers
Website Designers

If you Use Sketchup Automation Tools Software together with Sketchup Pro Software
you have then More Options and you can Get the Job Done in +-50% Less of the Time
(Sketchup Automation Tools Software) + ( Sketchup Pro Software) = (Sketchup Gold)

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